Why Women Love Anal Sex

Women get sexually exited in different ways. Some prefer oral sex, some vaginal and others anal sex. Although this may sound weird but a good number of women will tell you to fuck them in the ass the whole time. So what makes these women prefer anal sex over vaginal?

Most women will tell you that anal sex feels amazing. It gives them a totally different sensation as compared to regular sex. This may be hard to understand since this is not a vagina we are talking about. However, the feeling women get from anal sex is a different feeling from the one they are used to and that’s what makes it even more intriguing. Meanwhile, the rectum is expected to just suck up your penis like a vacuum.

It is possible for women to have orgasm from anal sex; this can be achieved when the clitoris is stroked. It gives the woman maximum pleasure. To enhance the experience, most women prefer using sex toys.

The fact that anal sex is considered naughty makes most women love it. Every woman harbors a fantasy of being a “naughty girl”. Ask yourself, why most women love school girl uniforms and handcuffs? It gives them the naughty look and feeling. Since anal sex is forbidden, it makes it more delicious and tempting.

Anal sex is something you and your girl can do and make it your little secret. No one will ever know you were naughty except you and your girl and that’s the fun part of it. There is also the bonding experience you get when you do something for the first time and that feeling is what most ladies look for.

There is also the feeling of power. Most women consider allowing their men to fuck them in the ass as a gift. This is powerful since anal sex is sex in its rawest form. This is the normal physical act but without the thought of getting pregnant. It is also powerful for both men and women. It is power for a man since he will be the dominant. He also feels in controls as his shaft is tightly stroked. It is power for a woman because this means embracing her desires to willingness to allow her ass to be a sex object for her man.

That said, it is clear that women who have anal sex have a lot to be proud of. They also have a lot to benefit from.

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